Shivasamba Mantra Yoga band

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Shivasamba Mantra Yoga band playing at Yoga Festival Terschelling. Mantras with a brazilian swing flavor!

David Lurey reunited with musicians of the Shivasamba Mantra Yoga band from Brazil. With Erica Humpert, Jorge Campana Campana, Carlos Alberto Romao, Leonardo O'Reilly Brandeo.

The Shivasamba Mantra Yoga band weaves their sound with ancient, modern and post-modern influences. Yogis have been singing the sacred mantras to focus their minds and ease their hearts. Experience their music Saturday night at Yoga Festival Terschelling & during the lunch concert ‘Elemental’. Also the name of their album, you can buy at the festival. 

Discover live music at Yoga Festival Terschelling, 29 June - 1 July 2018!



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